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Augmented reality company Everysight has created a pair of smart sunglasses designed to give cyclists a safe and easy way to view their real-time performance stats.Called Raptor AR, the sunglasses use Everysight’s patented BEAM technology to display real-time information, such as turn-by-turn navigation, elapsed time, distance, speed, heart rate, cadence and power, which is projected out in front of the rider. Fake Oakleys Authentic.Think of it like the head-up display commonly found in the helmets of fighter pilots.We’ve seen this idea before in products such as the Recon Jet and Garmin Varia Vision, but both of these devices attach to the side of a pair of sunglasses and can sometimes obstruct a rider’s vision.Oakleys Authentic. Other alternatives include the Oakley Radar Pace, which instead relies solely on audio cues.The Raptor can be operated via a controller mounted on the handlebars, with voice commands, or with a swipe on a touch pad located on the side of the glasses. Fake Oakleys.There’s also a built-in camera to capture HD video (720p quality at 60 frames per second) that can be shared with friends and social media after the ride.

Fake Oakleys Authentic

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Discount Replica Oakleys 


The current version only supports Bluetooth, but the company has said that the final product will include support for ANT+ as well. This will allow the Raptor glasses to connect with third-party heart rate straps, cycling power meters, and speed and cadence sensors.Everysight has opened a test pilot program for dedicated cyclists and triathletes to help test a prerelease version of the glasses for free. Discount Replica Oakleys.The company is accepting applications now until December 23. The final consumer product will ship in 2017. Full pricing and release information wasn’t announced, although the company confirmed that this won’t be a crowdfunded product.Replica Oakleys.Oakley is one of the top sports equipment manufacturers and designers in the world one of the things they are most well known for is their extensive range of sunglasses. Having been around since 1975, the company has had plenty of time to perfect their style and experiment with various ideas.A few years back Oakley studied with the notion of wearables and produced a pair of sunglasses that were equipped with an MP3 player for easy listening. Replica Oakleys.But, the idea never really took off and soon got put on the back burner. However, Oakley has now decided to pull them out of the cupboard and give them another go with a bit of revamping.



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