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Authentic Oakleys Sunglasses

California-based Oakley is most known for their world-class sunglasses in addition to their sportswear collections. Set on a mission to produce the highest performance sportswear for athletes, the latest additions to their eyewear lineup is no exception.Authentic Oakleys Sunglasses.Titled the “Green Fade Collection,” the collection is set to be previewed by Oakley sponsored athletes in Rio during the 2016 Olympics. Comprised of six styles in total, Oakley is bringing back the vibrant green color first featured in their debut 1980 product in a remastered edition with new performance technology. Each pair features the brand’s Prizm Lens, a technology that’s meant to fine-tune vision specifically for sport environments to enhance contrast.Authentic Oakleys.Each frame is hand painted with green and is available now at select Oakley locations, retail stores and online.WTAPS and Oakley are taking it back to the ’80s with this particular re-release, delivering a pair of Frogskin sunglasses that originally launched in 1985.The retro glasses feature a black frame with interchangeable black and florescent yellow temples, while both Oakley branding a lightning bolt graphic have been applied alongside.Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses.WTAPS tagging has then been implemented on the inside of the temples.To complement the Frogskins, a neoprene strap featuring multiple branding hits accompanies the shades.

Athletes receive a lot of this information through the eyewear’s natural voice interaction, which is powered by Intel.This allows users to ask Radar Pace questions and get immediate feedback to improve their performance.Oakleys Sunglasses Sale Online.Radar Pace also features Oakley Prizm, a lens technology that enhances details by providing ultra-precise color tuning which are designed for specific environments. The Prizm Road lens that is included in Radar Pace brightens whites and enhances yellows, greens and reds to make it so runners and cyclists notice subtle changes in the road texture, allowing them to spot hazards more easily.Oakleys Sunglasses Sale.“Through our collaboration, we have challenged each other to reinvent what is possible – each bringing our expertise to the office, lab, track or road,” Josh Walden, Intel’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of New Technology Group, said in a statement. “The end result is a powerful and innovative product that combines Intel technology and engineering expertise with Oakley’s sleep, lightweight design favorited by athletes around the world.”

Oakleys Sunglasses Replica 

 Authentic Oakleys Sunglasses

Oakleys Sunglasses Sale Online

Oakleys Sunglasses Sale Free Shipping

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