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Replica Oakley Sunglasses.The smart glasses, designed jointly by Intel and the Luxottica Group (Oakley is a subsidiary), are “really just for runners and cyclers,” they kept pointing out. “We spent a long time trying to understand what kind of wearables athletes want, and designed this for them,” they emphasized. And, they told me several times, “we’re not trying to be Google Glass.”Still, Radar Pace’s little voice in your ear—one that knows exactly what you’re doing and encourages you to do it a little better—has a bit of the flavor of the virtual companion in the movie Her. It’s going to be very tempting to go beyond the questions it expects (Am I on my target pace? How’s my stride length?), to getting a little chattier (I think I know that guy who just ran past. Should I say hello?).Fake Oakleys Sunglasses.In fact, Radar Pace strays into the territory of audio augmented reality, an area with huge potential that’s getting little attention as we obsess about visual AR like Pokémon Go.Intel brought in its team of social scientists, and they held focus groups and mock coaching sessions with athletes and coaches to find out exactly what kind of information coaches would give athletes during their training.The system gives you updates quantitatively (“Your heart rate is…”), says Dias.  But it will also answer more complicated questions, like “Why should I run faster up this hill?” It will also connect you to your music library or agents like Siri, for answers to key questions like “I’m almost done with my run. Where’s the nearest Jamba Juice?” An Intel executive is reportedly already using the noise-canceling microphone array to conduct conference calls while biking to work.Cheap Oakley Store.

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