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Fake Oakley Outlet.Now you can use AR — in public — without the shame that accompanies more enterprise-focused models. The Blade 3000 looks like a pair of sunglasses unless you get really close. You can use the glasses to check social media, take calls or get location-aware content. My favorite suggestion came from a Vuzix representative who told me that I could use the Blade 3000 to see golf course mapping and distance data without telling my playing partners that I was wearing smart sunglasses.I used the Blade immediately following a series of enterprise-focused AR headsets, so they actually felt pretty cool.Replica Oakley Sunglasses. They’re slightly bulkier than regular sunglasses thanks to the touchpad on the side, but they weren’t too heavy for my head. I could clearly see a demonstration app that was running through a series of 3D models as soon as I put on the headset, and was pleasantly surprised by the haptic feedback when I scrolled through the main menu. I think I could walk down the street without anyone noticing, as long as I was paying attention to traffic as well as an AR app.However, I only saw one demo app, so I’m hoping there’s a big library for consumer applications by time they come out.Oakley Sunglasses Discount.

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